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Upcoming events

Society of oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Bulgaria and Medical University – Plovdiv are pleased to announce:

“Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws – Plovdiv 2019”

As part of Days of medical science at Medical University – Plovdiv

Location: Auditorium complex, Medical University – Plovdiv
Address: 15A Vassil Aprilov Blvd, Plovdiv 4002, Bulgaria
Date: March 30, 2018

Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (MRONJ) is a serious complication of anti-resorptive treatment of patients with various malignant tumours and with osteoporosis. The number of patients at risk of developing MRONJ and those already with osteonecrosis of the jaws is considerable. They pose very difficult problems to solve in terms of prevention and treatment by dentists and specialists as oral surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, oncologists.

As part of the Symposium the most recent and important aspects of MRONJ will be discussed by leading European specialists and experience will be shared by Bulgarian specialists with the goal of outlining guidelines for registration of patients with MRONJ, prevention, management and ideas for research.

Keynote international lecturers with leading role in the investigation of MRONJ will be:

Morten Schiodt, Denmark – Director of Osteonecrosis research at Copenhagen University Hospital and the Copenhagen ONJ Cohort; Scandinavian Coordinator for Scandinavian ONJ Database and European Lead Investigator for a Global Multicenter Case registry

Sven Otto, Germany – renowned investigator of MRONJ, author of a theory of pathogenesis of MRONJ; book Editor of “Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: Bisphosphonates, Denosumab, and New Agents”

Dime Sapundzhiev – major investigator of MRONJ in Slovenia; initiator and developer of national registry of MRONJ, as well as national board for prevention of MRONJ in Slovenia

Preliminary progam:

  • Opening words

  • Alexander Gerasimov (Bulgaria) – Anti-resorptive medications in oncology

  • Sven Otto – Pathogenesis of MRONJ

  • Morten Schiodt – Definition, staging, epidemiology and diagnosis of MRONJ

  • Dime Sapundzhiev – Risk factors and prevention of MRONJ

  • Sven Otto – Management of MRONJ 1

  • Morten Schiodt – Management of MRONJ 2

  • Bulgarian speakers – Own experience

  • Morten Schiodt, Sven Otto, Dime Sapundzhiev – MRONJ registries and official guidelines for prevention and management in the respective countries

  • Panel discussion – all speakers

  • Closing words


Deadline for on-line registraion: March 25, 2019 (Monday)

Registration fee: 25 Euros

  • payment by bank transfer before deadline for on-line regstration includes plenary program, coffee breaks, lunch, congress materials
  • on-site registration and payment includes only access to plenary program

For more information:

Boyan Vladimirov

Tel.: +359 898690959

E-mail: boyan.vladimirov@mu-plovdiv.bg

Link to on-line registration form: https://mu-plovdiv.bg/en/symposium-maoc-en/

Payment by bank transfer to:


UniCredit Bulbank

Plovdiv 4000

13 Knyaz Alexander I Str.

IBAN: BG98UNCR75273454623409


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